About us

The Alberone farm was created after a bet of Ercole Tarozzi, when in 1969 he pointed on the cultivation of Nectarine peaches. The gamble proved soon a winner, given the particular vocation of the Romagna area for this type of fruit tree, and in the following years the company continued to expand, with the acquisition of additional land near the original nucleus of Basiago

In 2011 the son of Ercole, Mirko Tarozzi, continued the legacy of his father and decided to renew his bet, by bringing the company’s products directly on the market and by investing to create the new packaging center in Via Emilia Levante 211 in Faenza. In addition, during 2015, thanks to the previous experience, the company began to market its specialties with a brand name, thus receiving compliments from many industry insiders.

Even today the company specializes in the cultivation of nectarines (white-fleshed and yellow-fleshed), thanks to the particular characteristics of the soil that enhances their flavor. It has also diversified the production, by expanding the cultivation also to plums and apricots during the summer and green and yellow Kiwis in the winter.

The Alberone farm follows up the production of the fruit from seed to harvest, taking care of all phases of the plant life and choosing the varieties to be grown in soils with the aim to give priority to the flavor. Precisely in order to increase the flavor and appearance of the fruit, they analyze the plants so that they get a balanced nutrition. They always perform agronomic practices in order to obtain the highest possible quality from their crops, and any intervention is aimed to achieve that.


The Alberone farm has a GlobalG.A.P certification on all its products and a GRASP certification for the relationship with its employees.